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2020-03-21 03:41 pm
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Well hello there.

What on earth is going on here? Well, a lot. See, there's this webcomic called Dark Sky Rising that is currently out in cyberspace making itself known. And it's creators, Ehvul_Butterfly Productions, have decided to make a journal here at Dreamwidth to accommodate all those pesky things that crop up that don't really have a place on the host site. Like, character blogs or behind-the-scenes snippits. (You would *LOVE* our thumbnail sketches. They come with snarky commentary and stick eyebrows. It's epic.)

So that's what this is for. A place for supporters to come and check out the outtakes. The "more" if you will. Because the cast and crew at Dark Sky have a lot to say. And now they have a place to say it!
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2012-04-27 10:22 am

Si Yue as a child at her first Con.

Because I can't think of *anything* more perfect.


From this article here. <3